"Search for Peace" 

"Search for Peace" is a project to raise issues how we can live in the complex worlds.  It was started by Mitsuko Nakagawa, and inspired by the Paris terrorist attack in November 12, 2015.  Because she has been in international community, she started to collect “the one word which makes the world a better place”  from her friends who are from different countries.  Her activity continues to work on an installation, creating video, and audio contents to share her ideas and to make people think about peace.  



Mistsuko Nakagawa,creative director

Mitsuko Nakagawa is a multimedia creator and an award winning textile artist from Tokyo, Japan.  Her textile work, made out of natural fibers, was shown at the Toyota headquarters building in Tokyo, and received an award in the Material section at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York.  Her works were sold at a gift shop at MOMA and seen in the New York Times, Time Magazine, and on the cover of Interior Design Magazine.  After running her textile studio in Tokyo for over 15 years and exhibiting her works at galleries in Japan and trade fairs in New York, she changed her medium from textile art to filmmaking.  She received an MFA in textile design from the Rochester Institute of Technology; she is a first year student in the MFA program in Media Arts at Emerson College in Boston.



Search for Peaceは、2015年11月に起きた、パリのテロ襲撃事件をきっかけに、周りに多くいた様々な国から来た留学生の反応をみて、何か動画を使って作ってみたいなと思い、始めたプロジェクトです。当時、動画とクラスでインスタレーションを組み合わせた作品にと取り組んでいたので、インスタレーションで表現しようと始めました。が、インタビューを収録しているうちに、インタビュー自体がとても印象的だったため、きちんと残していこうと思うに至りました。





中川真梨紗 (Mitsuko Nakagawa)

東京都出身。テキスタイルアーティストとして15年間東京にて工房を運営。国内外で個展、グループ展にて展示。トヨタアムラックスショールーム(現在閉鎖)に、2x4mのタペストリー5点を1年間展示、International Compemporary Furniture Fair (New York), Material部門で受賞、New York Times, Time誌に掲載、Interior Magazine表紙に掲載される。2013年から動画制作に転向、2015年9月からボストンにあるEmerson Collegeの大学院(Media Arts専攻)に留学中。